Your private tour guide to the best kept secrets of Cambodia and Phnom Penh

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You want to enjoy your travels in Cambodia to the fullest with a private tour guide? Don’t miss a thing and book Kris & Pascal for an exclusive tour in electrifying Cambodia and the buzzing capital Phnom Penh. No better tour guides than two experienced journalists who know more about the city and the country than any other foreigner. Tap into their investigative minds and discover the hidden gems and the latest trends. It’s the kind of tour that turns a standard holiday into a once in a lifetime experience.

FullSizeRender 18Expect a trip tailored to your tolerance level of excitement. Kris & Pascal are living and working in Cambodia and have expert knowledge of the country. So be prepared for crazy surprises. These reporters will give you a personalised trip to remember. From simple services to complete packages. The informal and flexible way of organising tours is the key to their succes. They are fluent in English, French, Dutch and also Khmer, the Cambodian language.

Kris & Pascal will help you with:

  • customised tours
  • nightlife tours
  • pick up / drop off
  • buying a SIM card
  • getting around
  • sightseeing tips
  • fascinating stories
  • money saving advice
  • inside information
  • and much more

Choose the easy way

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

You want a pick-up at the airport, transport without stress and safe directions in chaotic traffic? Contact Kris & Pascal for a visit to Cambodia without worries. Are you interested in the many religions in Cambodia? Or would you like to experience the steaming gay life in Phnom Penh? Wanna see the big basics in very little time? Anything is possible. Kris & Pascal will design a private tour (and much more) according to your wishes and needs.

In town for business? You will be guided to the best hotels, restaurants and bars, or the most convenient fitness club. Don’t worry about transportation, these adventurous reporters are used to finding their way around in any circumstance. Coming from Thailand or Vietnam? Cambodian culture will take you by surprise. Kris & Pascal will explain you the unique history, local customs and risky dishes.

The customised tours can focus on:

  • cultural and/or religious issues
  • natural and environmental issues
  • city breaks and sightseeing
  • adventure driven trips
  • group travel tours
  • fun for gay travelers
  • food, style and shopping
  • nightlife and relaxing
  • boat cruise on the river
  • and much more

Phnom Penh nightlife

Blue Chilli

Blue Chilli

Don’t waste time and spend your dollars wisely. Trust the experts to avoid the tourist traps. Kris & Pascal will lead you to the newest magnets of style and fun. Or to a hidden rooftop bar with an exquisite view. The best kept secrets of the locals will be revealed to you by your private tour guide. This fast evolving town never sleeps, be ready for nocturnal surprises.

Head down to easygoing bars if you want to make new friends and enjoy a great night out. Things heat up at night, especially when the drag shows start. Kris & Pascal will take you to a series of stages with lip-syncing divas. Prepare to be blown away by a variety of decadent delights. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Contact Kris & Pascal for your private tour guide

Pascal Laureyn & Kris Janssens

Pascal Laureyn & Kris Janssens

Don’t hesitate to contact Kris & Pascal, the all-round guides and fixers that deliver great value and great times. For any type of budget. Ask for the free blueprint of your exciting, safe and comfortable travels to Cambodia and Phnom Penh. Your private tour guide will take the stress out of your holiday, so you can focus on the most important thing: having fun.

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