Pascal, reporter

I’m Pascal Laureyn, a Belgian writer, journalist, copywriter and content manager in Europe and Southeast Asia.

I’m a freelance writer for Colruyt Group, De Tijd, KnackEl Pais and IPS (in Dutch and English). I also make pictures.

Since my travels in Southeast Asia I write interesting stories about fascinating people from this region very often.

20 years of experience

In 2016 I moved to Phnom Penh to work. From the Cambodian capital I travel often to all kinds of destinations in Southeast Asia for interesting stories and fascinating people.

Inspiration and insight, that’s what make a journey worthwhile. And I like to share these experiences with you. On this website.


The stubborn stains of the Khmer Rouge

Prisoners in S-21, Phnom Penh

Prisoners in S-21, Phnom Penh

Exactly 50 years ago, the United States started a carpet bombing campaign in Cambodia, behind the scenes of the Vietnam War. The fleeing peasants ran straight into the arms of a small guerrilla group with big plans. The Khmer Rouge has persisted in its insanity for a long time, until only 20 years ago. The country has not come to terms with its past yet. I visited the last hide-out where war criminals live in peaceful freedom. Read in English

Nowhere to hide for climate change

togoru-smalWhile world leaders are bickering about emissions and protocols, Fiji is being washed or blown away by the rising sea and cyclones. Not even the dead are allowed peace of mind. Fijians have a choice: fight or flee. For IPS (English) and De Tijd (Dutch). Also in Swedish and Spanish.

Muslims in Myanmar.

The Rohingya in Myanmar are the victims of ethnic cleansing by the Burmese army. Their misery is well documented. Nationalistic buddhist monks are spreading hate speech and incite violence. I went to visit them. For the magazine Knack (pdf) and for the press agency IPS.

The war on drugs.

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines wants to cleanse his people of drugs with no regard for law and justice. This report was made on an ordinary night in the slums of Manila where the bodies are piled up in the morgues. For the newspaper De Tijd. Read the article in English (pdf)

Logging on life and death.

Cambodian forests may look idyllic, but they are the source of a global black market worth billions. Rare and protected trees are being cut down and sold to China and Europe. The illegal trade is propping up a corrupt regime. We followed the trail of destruction. For the newspaper De Tijd.

From slum to stardom.

The members of this metal band are garbage pickers with an aversion of schools. The grew up in and around a garbage dump in Phnom Penh. Now they are making very powerful music. “I put all my anger in my music”. Watch out for Doch Chkae, the ‘wild dogs’ of Cambodia. They have already reached stardom in their country.

Fascinating stories

I try to tell extraordinary stories about ordinary people. You noticed that I can shape stories in many different ways. Do you have questions or remarks about my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

See you soon! Kind regards,